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WWI: Using blank compression with alternative for output of component data (S:POS)

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Dear All,

I have a question about using the blank compression group with alternative.

I have an Header phrase, afterwards a table on component level and then an alternative header which I want to print on a SDS if there is no data on component level found.

















<13BNG130(+:01G1023006VN)> <13BNG229(*:01G1023006VP,01G1023006V1,01G1023006VM)>


<01G1023006VN> <01G1023006NU> <13ENG130>







<03EHS_L_TEXT(CED-xxxxxxxxx)>: None


So my question is if it is possible to have a blank compression with alternative and if in the alternative another phrase can be printed.

So if data in the component table (with S:POS) is found print the header phrase together with the table if there is no data found print as alternatibe the same phrase with phrasekey + : NONE behind as hard coded text.

I tried several different sequences and ranges around but the result is not like expected.

Could anyone please try to help?



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Dear Kathrina

I have some doubt if your WWI layout is correct,

1.) BRG27: I assume you woul liek to print per component informations. If so I belive you need once again the "POS" group

2.) BRG29/BRG27: I believe these two definition do not match. in BRG29 you ask for "first instance" but in BRG27 for any

3.) BRG28: if i remember correct the "1" in you POS group would mean that only one component will be displayed.

May be take a look here:

Chapter: Example: Compositions in Table Form

Chapter: Blank Compression

Chapter: Example: Blank Compression

and may be:

Example: Layout of an Abridged Material Safety Data Sheet

Regarding "Alternative" etc. Check may be:

Example: Conditional Output with Alternative

I believe you can get the desired result in using WWI layout techniques