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WWI- Problem Layout RATING

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I have a little problem with the WWI layout and would like the other experts according WWI Layout.

I need to layout Labels and the customer would like to use prioritys

1. Label

2. Public

for example

If the customer fill in the data in the Value assigment (e.g. Colour)  with the usage label it should come out on the label. Easy, but

sometimes there are more than one usage defined

Example Colour

1 instanz blue Usage Label

2 Instanz red Usage Public

The label should only print blue so dont print public still easy


if in the Value assigment is just

1 instanz public than the label should print out the Public instanz

Hope someone could help me


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Dear Andreas

you need to prepare a proper "design" of generation variant with is linked to WWI layout. In the generation variant you define e.g.:

a.) validity area to be used

b.) "expansion" of validity area (1:1, superset, subset etc.)

c.) ratings

d.) etc.

You can use "priorization" regarding the "rating". Example: you use property color with two data records

1.) Blue with Label + REG_WORLD (ACTIVE usage!)

2.) red with PUbLIC Red_world (ACTIVE usage!)

In Generation Variant: Label would have "prio" 1 and "Public" prio 2.

In your example: blue will be printed. If data record with blue is missing (no data record with rating "Label" but one with rating public) the "public" one is used in this case "red" will be printed


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Hallo Herr Bergmann vielen dak für die Antwort 🙂 Ich probiere diese Lsg. am Monatg sofort aus.

Wie müsste ich den die Hauptwiederholungsgruppen schachteln? Oder werden die Prioritäten sozusgagen nur über die angabe der Prio in der Gen_V gesteuert?



Wenn in englisch benötigt übersetze ich das natürlich

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Dear Andreas

the "priorization" is done only by using the generation variant and not by using the WWI layout

Refer to:

Layout topics are described as a starting point here: !):

Main repeating groups are used for mainly:

a.) the selection of a property/value assignment to be printed (seleciton of e.g. identifers or DG topics is done "a little bit different)

b.) definition "how may data records" will be printed and which one

E.g. using the link above you will find this example:

<11BRG003 (M,SAP_EHS_1012_004;*)>  (begin of group)

<11ERG003>¶ (end of group)

In this case any data record (which is "compatible" with selection criterias of gen. variant) will be considered during printing;

Depending on the "property" to be printed you will need other repeating groups as well (e.g. POS) etc. Here you need to "nest" repeating groups; The WWI tool supports you  to check if the groups are nested correct; most of WWI problems are not ! related to wrong nested groups but to other isuees; you will find numerous examples in this FORUM regarding layout topics

Refer to:

as well

You should have a basic understanding about "expansion time" of report symbols to use properly WWI etc.