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WWI -display 'Display exact value' in composition

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I want to display 'Display exact value' for composition.

If the same component is present in hazardous ingredient and Display exact value in CG02.

I should display 'Display exact value' in concentration column .

If the component is not present in "Display exact Value' Then I should display hazardous component

how can I compare both 'hazardous ingredients' and 'display exact value' in WWI ?

Can any WWI experts help me?

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Dear Ramkumar

I do not 100% understand your demand. In the STANDARD property tree you have a lot of "properties" of type composition which you can use as the basis to display something in WWI report.

Any composition does have the same "structure". You have one spec id, one component type, one "average" value, one lower value, and one "upper value". There is not "Exact value"

We do have e.g. "Exact composition based on products" as a property. And we have some properties related to "hazardous components". But in > 90% of the cases you select for WWI purpose only one composition "Type" and you do not use any "if / then else" scenario (if I understand your demand correct).

PLease explain more your needs as your requirement is quite "unusual"


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Thanks for your reply christophe..

I have to create a composition table for hazardous ingredient.

In my project, we have customized property called display exact value. We have some composition maintained in it.

My requirement is to display all the components in hazardous ingredients. But for the concentration tab, i need to check hazardous ingredient and display exact value.

If the component is present in both the property, then it should display concentration values from display exact value otherwise it should display from hazardous ingredient..

So what i need is i need to loop a class inside a class.. but am not sure that we can loop a class inside a class.




Keep Component in stack



keep component in stact

compare component in stack




But this is not possible in wwi i guess?

Please help me in what approach i should proceed

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Dear Rakumar

never heard about similar demand. There might be a small chance that you can solve the topic by using the "stack"; but personally the use of "ruleset" options is better. Then you are sure (by clever design) that you need not compare the content of two properties using WWI and you need only to read the data in one property

Regarding the "Stack" options. Check e.g.


PS: if you take a look in document you will find some referencs regarding the topic "how to print the highest VOC value", This is not "100%" the same; but in the same direction.

In any case: WWI is in my opinion not a good tool to solve the demand. It is better (as mentioned) to maintain the data "right" so that you need no additional logic in WWI. But I have really no real clue about your business need

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Thanks  alot for your suggestion chritophe... It is resolved by creating a new custom function module.. using the standard parameters I pulled all the data by using tables ESTVP ,ESTVA & bapi_getdetail. I got all the component datas in Prop_comp parameter.