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writing of attributes on custom TAGS from SAP MII

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Hi Team

We are using SAP MII version 15.2.3, patch 0 and SAP Plant Connectivity 15.3.2.
The process historian is Aspentech IP21 and the version is 11.

We have a requirement to write Tag secondary attributes using PCo tag store query/ fixed query on Aspentech IP21 system.
We understand that Aspentech IP21 is timeseries database and as per the standard design/behavior of Tag store/fixed query only Tag value, Time (Type history) and quality field are writable for a standard tag. The secondary fields are only readable but not writable and the extended tab is not available for tag store queries in MII workbench.
But the IP21 team have created a custom tag which is different from standard tag. They have customized the secondary fields as writable. For these customized tag we are able to retrieve the secondary / extended attributes but the store option is similar as standard tag. The extended tab is not available in case of custom tags also.

Our query here is that from MII workbench do we have any option to write values on these custom secondary attribute fields for a custom tag?
If yes and if this is already identified then kindly help us with any reference sap note etc.
If No then we understand that this is how it is designed but if we can get little more details about this restriction reference then would be of great help.

This is critical as of now, and needs expert comments on the same.


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Perhaps you can explain the value you expect to gain from writing secondary attribute fields? It looks like you are trying to use a tag store for a purpose for which it was not designed. Perhaps using a map inside of MII would be a better means of accomplishing your desire.

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Hi Pratibha,

If this is critical then I would suggest you raise a support ticket rather than a community forum question as the support tickets will be looked at by the development team.



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Perhaps a conversation with Aspentech would help since it is their data structure that you are trying to work around.