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Work unit and immediate children of work unit could not be found; check log for details

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Hi Experts,

We are getting "Work unit and immediate children of work unit 3DED1BAC84221EDDACEF2A2760729FF9 could not be found; check log for details" error message in SAP OEE dashboard while selecting work center and shift, also there is another error message "Current OEE KPI could not be calculated; check log for details"

We have encountered the same error message earlier as well, but at that time the refresh activity was done, and source and target server was having different client because of which there was duplicate node id for each plant, and after delete it was working.

Now the target and source client of systems are same, but still we have this issue.

Please refer the below screenshot of these error messages:

Thanks in Advance...

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Answers (1)

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Hi Kiran,

Check the plant hierarchy table if all the parent and child nodes of the hierarchy exist correctly with status P (Published). next is to check the KPI targets. if all these are good, and still you get check the netweaver logs where you could additional information.