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Work Clearance management on S4 HANA

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Dear Expert,

I need some clarification of the work clearance management process on S/4 HANA.

I searched the related transactions (for Work Approval, WC Application, Operational WCD, Application) on FIORI library, but I am unable to find single one.

Kindly guide me.

Thanks in advance.

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your are looking for the answer in the wrong FORUM. Based on a very quick research i found documents as: (only very high level)

(only very high level) (only very high level)


The term "Work Clearance Management" is related to the module PM-WCM and therefore related to "PLant maintenance"

Generelly.: S/4 HANA is still under construction. If you need detailed information regarding road map (transformation from SAP ERP to S/4 HANA version): pleaseget in tocu with SAP direct or use the many opportunities 8as SAG and other workgroups) to get a "picture" on the roadm mam

But here in SAP EHS FORUM: nobody can help you

C. Bergemann

PS: S/4 Hana help (according to quick research):

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Hi Christoph Bergemann,

Thanks for the valuable answer. As mentioned by you I am removing the EHS from my thread.

The document you send really help me, but i think these document also mentioned that SAP planned work clearance /permit management in EHS.

(Page no. 37)

(Page no. 3)

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Hello Kanchan

we have a current picture of roadmap or SAP ERP (and EHS Management) to the new S/4 HANA solution, This picture can change (it can be enhanced, modified, reduced etc.) at any point in time in the future.

Yes: if we follow the presentation of SAP: there are plans to extend... but i can not really help you at which point in time this might be ready to be used.

As long as you do not get clear feedback from SAP: at which point in time which solution will be in place.. we still have to wait for the "final" version.

So I am sorry to say: this will be a learning process on our side (understanding S/4 HANA; roadmap, options with S/4 HANA) and this learning process will need time (based on current roadmap of EHS in S/4 HANA)

So; if possible try to e.g. participate in ASUG etc. or similar meetings. Here you will get a picture on the future. And be aware of the fact: the new solution will be designed different to current solution. It is more "people" ortiented (e.g. using SAP FIORI) and the concept of a "transaction" (e.g. like CG02) will be "lost" to a certain extent.

We will have people oriented, workflow based user interfaces; so the collaboration options, generally the management of "big data" will be optimized.

One effect will be: user interface should be more "user friendly" but options to do "analytic" analysis using the data will be enhanced. And we will see (if possible) some "machine learning algorithms" (either for input of data or for inquiries or...) so that the user can handle/manage/extract,/combine the data as stored much better