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Why Agent consumes the connection rather than Source System does in PCo

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Dear Expert,

We are setting up our load test environment. We would like to have same load in this environment compared to productive system. Thus, we plan to send machine data to both system.

Our machine integration landscape is PLC Tag -> OPC UA Server -> PCo -> MES

There is a connection limitation in OPC UA Server side. Normally, we don't have any problem with this limitation, because one client corresponds one socket connection, and important: there are no limits in numbers of subscription tags for every connection.

At the beginning, we suppose it also works for PCo since PCo is another OPC Client when it's connected to OPC server, which means Source System of PCo will consume one connection of OPC server and all agents using this source system will share the connection.

However, later we find for PCo, every agent will work as an independent client and will consume the connection. Since we set the agent by machine, we have lots of agents for same Source System and if we would like to connect to another system, the quantity of agents will be double, which means it will exceed the limitation.

Our question here is could PCo consume the connection of OPC server by Source System? Is there any configuration can change this system behavior? If not, what's the logic behind for this design?


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