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Who: Unable to get a connection from the pool#

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I've got several messages as:

#2.0#2019 07 15 10:31:40:400#+0200#Error#/Applications/XMII#[pool-8-thread-534,5,Managed_Application_Thread]#Plain## Unable to get a connection from the pool#

#2.0#2019 07 15 10:31:40:459#+0200#Error#/Applications/XMII#[pool-8-thread-534,5,Managed_Application_Thread]#Plain## java.lang.Throwable: Cannot create a connection to the database#

How can I check what application/transaction done it? How can I check the name of data server?

Thank you.

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Could you please ask your BASIS guys to assist with default-trace file & application.log files. For now i can only suggest to check the services in "Application Resource" in your java NWA

Also check if there is a Jco created for this sort of connection



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Is this a new problem with an existing and stable system environment? Or are you in the middle of development and having this problem?

Regards, Mike

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If look at the Connection status screen (MII Menu-->Data Services-->Connection Status) you can see all the connections as well as their max used count and max wait times etc. Based on this information and the knowledge you have of the architecture and capabilities of the implementation you can adjust the pool settings on your individual Data Server connections.

FYI I think sometimes you can get messages like this because the pool doesn't have a connection ready to go but then it just spools one up and there is no actual error/failure in the transaction. You could get a performance benefit by configuring the pool to always have enough connections ready to go but you need to balance that with the pool holding extra connections that may not get used much or at all.

Oh also there can be settings on the DB side that limit the number of connection allowed so be aware of that as well.