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Which Destination type should be selected in SAP PCo to connect to SAP DMC

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when we are trying to SAP DMC from SAP PCo we are not sure which destination type should be used and if any documents related to that would be helpful

need help on below points

1. Selecting Destination type in SAP PCo while connecting to SAP DMC

2. in SAP DMC how do the simulate the data that are pushed from SAP PCo

3. In SAP DMC how do we display the data



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Ranjeeth! When using PCo or PrCo with DM, you should not create any objects directly in PCo or PrCo, all the setup is done from DM side instead.

You can check the Help entries below:

Regarding items #2 and #3, you can check the supported Scenarios here:

Hope it helps! Br,