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Hi Ayush,

Cross Plant CM - in material master is used for configurable materials in variant configuration scenario. This is used to identify configurable material - the cross-plant configurable material is valid for all plants. Please check the help option on SAP by pressing F1 on the field and you can find the details.

you can search more details in SAP Help on this topic.

Below help material from SAP

Definition: configurable material

Variant Configuration (LO-VC)

A material that can have different variants.

For example, a car can have different paint, trim, and engines.

Configurable materials have a super bill of material (BOM) that contains all the components for producing every variant of the material. Similarly, they have a super task list that contains all the operations. When a material is configured, only the components and operations needed for a variant are selected.

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I'm assuming you mean the Cross Plant CM field on the Basic Data 2 screen of the material master?