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What is the relation between object work area (EH&S) and Work Center (PP)

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Hi gurus,

I have a conceptual doubt, about the relation when I clasify like work center an object WA of IHS and how this feature is asociated at object work center of module PP?

Conceptually is the same?

Thank and Best regards

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Hernan,

It is true that the Work Area and Work Center are conceptually very different objects. The Work Area will normally represent a "fence line" view of an organization based on the types of operations and most importantly risks and exposures that are encountered. The Work Area Structure is a hierarchy that may represent an organizational view of the company at the top of the hierarchy but will ultimately represent true physical locations as you dive down to the lower levels of the hierarchy.

The lower levels of the hierarchy is where you will find object links to hazardous agents that are the basis for risk assessments for that Work Area. You will also find it useful to assign the employees that actually work in the Work Area so that you can create a linkage between the person, the place they work and the hazards they are exposed to. This forms the basis for the Similar Exposure Group (SEG). These linkages are also important because they represent the places where work related incidents and accidents can occur. There are many other types of linkages that support IHS functions but as you can see, this master data object is firmly rooted in the EHS module and does not mimic the PP/PM Work Center.

With this said, you can link a Work Center to one or more Work Areas from within the Work Area master data transaction. This is simply a data linkage and not sophisticated integration. You are also constrained in that the Work Area and Work Center must be assigned to the same Plant.

It is also true that most companies that implement the Work Area Hierarchy to support their EH&S IHS implementation will put their own spin on what a Work Area means to them.



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very clear you answer Scott. The last question, How can I verify the installation for EH&S 2.0?


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If you are referring to "Component Extension 2.0 for EHS Management" you can confirm the installation in the System Status -> Component Version as you would any other SAP component. There will be a n Entry for Software Component = EHSM, Release 200. Remember, you must have Enhancement Pack 5 to apply the add-on.

It is highly unlikely that this would be installed and you not know it. It is a fairly painstaking process to get it and all of the required components installed.

For full functionality landscape environment requires:

u2022Component Extension 2.0 for EHSM (new license $$$)

u2022SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EhP 2; minimum SP Stack 08

u2022SAP ERP ECC6.0 EhP 5; minimum SP Stack 05

u2022SAP Netweaver Application Server (JAVA) 7.0 EhP 2

u2022Adobe Document Services (ADS); Version delivered with the appropriate NetWeaver J2EE Server

u2022SAP NW Portal 7.0 or higher or SAP NW Business Client 3.0 SP PL3

u2022Business Package for EHS Management 2.0

u2022SAP Active Component Framework (ACF)

u2022Xcelcius Dashboard

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello Hernan

the Work Area is defined as: take a look here

Therefore there is a link available between work area, plant and cost center.

Work Center is defined as: take a look here:

Work centers are business objects that can represent the following real work centers, for example:

Machines, machine groups

Production lines

Assembly work centers

Employees, groups of employees

To my knowledge there is no "direct" link between these objects.

Further on on the level of the Work Area (to my knowledge) you define: which employee etc. is linked to the work area ((is working in the work area).

So to my knowledge there are a number of "indirect" links between both objects but no direct link

With best regards


PS: provides a further small overview of the Work Area Topic (EHS IHS)

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