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Webdynpro application link from GUI routes to SSO url with Page not found

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Dear SAP PPM/WebDynpro experts,

We are facing a peculiar issue after SAP ECC conversion to S4HANA (this is in test system).

We have converted SAP ECC to S4HANA 1809.

Our users have links from SAP GUI to custom webdynpro applications for PPM.

This link exists in ECC and users can easily click on the WD app link from GUI and the application opens in SAP Business Client version 6 PL8.

However when the same link is clicked from S4HANA SAP GUI, the application gets routed to SSO URL in Internet browser -- https://<>/sap/public/myssocntl?sap-client=100

Note that we have not set SSO at all for any of our environments. Hence this sso url shows a "this website is not secure" message.

I have refered to

In the above link, there is some code. However I am wondering how can current SAP ECC open the WD app from GUI (in SAP Business Client) and after conversion to S4HANA, it is routed to SSO url (in Internet Browser 11). What could be a solution here?

Best Regards,

Ashwini Pingle

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