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Waste mangement disposal processing_faulty result

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I am getting a faulty results while working in the area of SAP Waste Management .While creating an entry document in 'waste management' disposal processing after executing 'post' (creation of stocks), when I create Purchase order , the system creates two purchase order. If I want to clear the qty, the system creates two material doc. Hence If I had a stock of suppose 100unit and I create the PO of 50 and clear the qty of only 50 units , the system creates two material doc of 50+50 units and entrire qty of 100 units is nullified. Ideally there should be 50units balance.

Can anyone help me for this erroneous result.



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Hi Ashish

The system works fine, if you enter a quantity in stock of 100 units, this is an estimated quantity. But you create a Purchase Order of 50 units, if you want to clear the waste from stock the system will clear the entered quantity 100 UN, this is why the system create 2 material document with 50 units each (The purchase order quantity and the overestimated quantity).

The system clears all the quantity that has been entered in stock.

Try to create a PO with a bigger quantity.