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Waste Management - EHSM

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Hi Folks,

Greetings of the day...

I' m started to focusing on Waste Management.

If you have an User manual / Implementation basic manual, Could you please share with me through mail or either comment here any links...

Thanks & Regards


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Answers (2)

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you have to seperate several "Waste Solutions" delivered by SAP

1.) EHS Classic based solution (which you can not use any more in S/4 HANA environment)

2.) SAP Waste Recycling Solution (

3.) and new Waste solution based on modern S/4 HANA technique

For all of them: you will find always an "online help": but you will find installation instructions (how to do set up) as well (if you have a user in SAP marketplace)

Which solution is the "right one"... you must check this by your own

To start whatever Waste solution without the help of somebody does not make sense (either help by SAP direct or Partner of SAP or other consulting company having experience in the implementation of SAP modules).

In 95% of the cases: any set up is company specific.. therefore the blue print phase is important. But to start such a phase... you should really read first the "online help" (e.g. refer to linkas presented by Satya)

So a "basic implementation manual" should be available via SAP marketplace (in most cases).

The new Waste solution (based on S/4 HANA) is not discussed here (I am not aware of any current helpful dicussion)

The only current discussion was started by your self (

With best regards


PS: here one of the rare other examples:

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You can follow the link

this is S4 latest version, and use Google before posting, it's easier then writing here.

I hope this helps