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warning message:Regulation TSCA 8D: No substance is assigned to material KRF FERTILIZER

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Dear Experts,

In Substance Volume tracking , I have few doubts/issues.

I maintained a material 2163 with classification class Z_SAP_EHS_SVT WITH UNIT "TO".

I maintained a specification KRF_FERT with 4 components say A,B,C,D under standard composition of standard property tree and assigned the material 2163.

In Specify Selection criteria for volume tracking i maintained the regulation as TSCA 8D and for the table/field(MARA/MATNR), i maintained the lower limit as 1 and upper limit as 2163. Is this how should i maintain data here??(not sure)

I have not created any purchase orders so far.

I ran a initial report RREGCH_FILL in SA38 and performed an initial run.

I get 2 warning messages for which I am unclear. see the screenshot.

Regulation TSCA 8D: No substance is assigned to material KRF FERTILIZER

There is a material KRF fertilizer but i have not assigned it anywhere nor does it has classification.

Kindly let me know what is the mistake in this?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Dinesh

This error is due to data inconsistency

You are using 100 materials in your organisation and if you want implement Substance volume tracking for particular Qty Restricted material “X”  . Material ‘Z’ may contain 50% composition of X (Here “X’ is used as intermediate) for finished product “Z”.  As per Standard F.M "CBRC_LIB_SPEC_FROM_MAT_GET" if you run the "RREGCH_FILL” programme it will check the all the materials for substance /Composition information. If you are not maintained any substance data system it will alert you . you may know that material doesn’t contain X composition , but how system will know with out checking substance information.

Here you are saying that you are assigned the substance to  ‘ KRF_FERT ’ to material  2163  and  during performing task “Intial run” you may selected material range.  So system was check all the material and throwing warning message.  and also check KRF_FERT  Material BOM which may contains any A,B,C,D composition data

if you select the specific material name 2163 instead of range , you cannot get any message , but this is not standard procedure.


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