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Visual Enterprise 9.0 crash when exporting to vector while zoomed in near model.

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I've been using VEA for a long time but never encountered this error before and I'm stumped as what to do about it.

I export loads of modelviews to .ai, and it works fine when I am zoomed out from model (just normal distance).
Then I want to export a zoomed in detailed view and it crashes about 50% into the export and I get the following message:

-"Invalid index[1] in access to collection. Press OK to terminate program"

I've been doing it this way for years, and haven't changed my workflow one iota. So, does anyone have any ideas what to do?

I am using a trial version for now as I am trying to get my new workplace to buy the software.
(if that has anything to do with it)

My system is:

Intel i9 10900X 3.7 GHz
128 GB RAM
Quadro RTX4000
Windows 10
VEA x64, version

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