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Using runner to get the svg object image

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Hi experts,

In order to get an image of a SVG object  at my browser from the MII RUNNER I followed the next steps:

Pass the browser input to a BLS where you can use the Animated Object action blocks to generate the png/jpeg image of the Animated Object (e.g. LED Meter) dynamically and manipulate its properties (color, label, etc). Link the image content property to an output property of the BLS of type string. Then call the BLS by Runner service and use it as the IMG SRC in the web page.

Anyway,  I only get the standard "TRANSACTION EXECUTED OK" when I call the BLS by the runner service :

I apreciate any help .


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello, You need to assign 'Encodedimage'  to Out Put variable of type text and refer that in your runner URL.




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