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User status in the Work Order PM

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Hello folks!

I would like to gather some case scenarios you've experienced. I am not very familiar with the PM module

I have a scenario which we schedule PM work orders to a person no so at this moment the order presents an user status = SCHD, however at the end of the shift that person may or may not have finished the work so we will reschedule the order to a different person no using Prometheus. My question for you is: Do you know if when an order is rescheduled to other person the user status is automatically changed from SCHD to something else? Or the user status will remain as SCHEDULED? Is this a process decided by the business or SAP requires a status changing before reschedule an order?

We have a process which send the WO to the user based on the person no, the job basically looks the USER STATUS in the order and the ones with user status = SCHD is sent to the final user. The order will only be sent over again if the user status changes (Table JCDS). So we will not look if the field person no was changed to send the order to this new user. I am hoping somehow the user status can be changed automatically every time an order is scheduled to someone else using Prometheus.

Thanks for all the help!

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First of all, tag this post with "PLM Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)/Plant Maintenance (PM)" where most of the PM/CS questions are posted. You will get a better response.

So Prometheus is a 3rd party tool, and you may have developed this user-status update in Prometheus, or in SAP..

You will need to revisit the development that sets the SCHD user-status and add any additional functionality.

Talk to your ABAP Team who should be able to help.