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User-defined display of Next-Step options in SAP ME POD after performing a Complete (PR510)

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Hello experts,

I have a requirement regarding customisation of the available columns in a list element of the SAP ME POD (no matter which type)

Specifically, it is about the list of next steps after pressing the Complete button. (PR510]

Currently you can see:

- Next step

- Return step

- Description

The client request is to remove the first two columns and show only the description.

Unfortunately I cannot find a suitable list in List Maintenance. The documentation and How-To Guides were also not very helpful. (Or my search was bad)

Is this a list in the Complete plugin or is there a hidden possibility somewhere in SAP-ME to change this list arrangement.

I am grateful for any help.

Best regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Christoph!

If you are talking about a case when there are several outgoing paths from the current step in a routing, and the system asks a user to select the next step manually after SFC Complete, then such list is not available for customization via List Maintenance.

You could consider automizing the choice by means of routing step scripts so that a user does not need to deal with such screen.

Or switching the option of the step so that the next operator pulls in the SFC to the necessary next step.



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Hello Sergiy,

Thank you very much for your answer. This is exactly the dialogue I am talking about and unfortunately I was already afraid of something like this.

Thank you for your solutions. I will check the individual options with the customer.

Question answered for me.

Best regards


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