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Understanding Work Order System Status'

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SAP newbie here. I would like to be able to understand more about system status'. I am trying to understand how they are generated and what the order means. Is there any significance to the order of system status' (i.e. CNF PRT TECO <- is there significance in the order of these system status')? Also, if I wanted to find all of the work orders with a system status that begins with CNF/PCNF how would I do that? I don't see that function in our SAP screen for IW49

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M Cty,

Short answers:

1. The order of the display of Status is set within the delivered SAP system and provides consistency to the display. In general, the "major" status is listed first, e.g. CRTD, TECO, etc.

2. To get the Work Orders with System Status CNF / PCNF, use IW38/IW39/IW37N and select with the Status Include field based on both CNF and PCNF.

Longer answer:

IW49 is the List Display for Operations, not Work Orders. That will only work with the Operations Status. IW38 and IW39 are for Orders, IW28 and IW29 are for Notifications. IW37N is for Order and Operations together.

The selection for List Displays includes including and excluding status in two ways. 1. The check boxes at the top of the screen (Outstanding, In Process, Completed, and Historical) include/exclude the objects by the "major" status. 2. Further down in the selection criteria, there are Status Include and Status Exclude options. To get the Orders with CNF / PCNF, put both as individual selections in the Status Include selection.

Status for Work Orders (and other objects, like Operations and Notifications) are important, as they control which functions can be done to the object. For example, you cannot change the planning on an operation step when the Work Order is in TECO status. Many times, as in this example, the status of the interrelated objects work together.

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