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Tunnelcodes ADR2009

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As of 01-01-2010 in Europe is required that a tunnelcodes is added to the several documents used for ADR.

Therefore some OSS notes were released by SAp but unfortunately the problem still occurs.

What is the problem:

My customer is using EH&S for Dangerous goods with the following relations

Article -> Dangerous good (table DGTMD)

+ DG Substance.

+ Un (LS_UN_SUB)

In the LS_UN_SUB is the tunnelcode located. This is depending on the ADR regulation of packaging. (located in table EST07)

Problem at my customer is that several articles ( read dangerous goods) using the same UN number but having different tunnelcodes because the goods are transferred on various ways.

How is it possible to create dangerous goods with DG substances using different tunnelcodes for the same UN number depending on the transfertype.

Also Where can I find the relations for the several fields in tabel EST07.

what I mean here is: where is the relation from est07-recnroot to (what is the table of origin is it DGTMD-recn?)

in this case also for the field recnrootMS ( or something like that. )

please help.

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I am not sure if I understood your question correct. I hope my answer helps a little bit:

Normally there are two major data models which you can use in EH&S to use DG.

1.) Material => Real_SUB => DG_CL_SUB => LS_UN_SUB

2.) Material => DG_CL_SUB => LS_UN_SUB

3.) Mix of 1.) and 2.)

4.) refer to SAP documentation regarding the other rarely used option (

In any case the result is the generation of a so called dangerous goos master data record per regulaiton etc. which is used later in SAP SD process (DG Checks).

As explained by you the tunnelcode is a change in ADR regulation and therefore you need to install only a Support Package or you need to install an OSS note which you have used as the option

Now to my understanding if you use one of the above mentioned models it should be possible to create more than one LS_UN_SUB with the same UN number but different tunnelcode on regulation level. Furthermore there would be the need to prepare more DG_CL_SUBs in the system in comparison to the situation before but in any case the material should get the right ADR information with the correct tunnel code (dangeorus goods filling).

The second part of your question seems to be a little bit different and does not deal with the dangerous goods filling but with the checks which are available in SAP SD module (DG checks). To do a transport you need to specify a "route". In this route you need now to apply the ADR tunnelcode topic (only regardin ADR). Furtheremore depending on the material packed together the system need to decided the "worst" case route which can be used based on the worst "tunnel" you must use.

I hope this helps a little bit. More informationan be found here:

With best regards