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Transfer classification data to SAP DM

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We are facing an issue with the sending of classification data from ERP to DM.

We want to send to DM only one specific class which we created especially for DM relevant characteristics. This class called Z_DM is created with class type 001. Class type 001 has also further classes which are assigned to materials but do not contain any DM relevant data.

When creating the CLFMAS idoc with BD93, the "Class" filter is not considered.

The generated idoc contains all classes assigned to the material having class type 001. In this example, class Z_ATTRIBUTES is also included in the idoc even if I only selected Z_DM previously in BD93:

As such, the Classification Assignment Download fails in DM because the class Z_ATTRIBUTES doesn't exist:

Did anyone face this issue? How can we create the CLFMAS idoc only for one specific class?

Thank you!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Andra,

I also stumbled across this behavior and I assume it is the standard way the BD93 works.

If my analysis of the transaction are correct, all the select-options that you supplied are used to find the materials that should be transferred.
But the entered options are not applied to those materials. So all assigned classification data get used.

If you wish to adjust that behavior to fit your needs, I think you have to implement a custom transaction, with the additional functionality in it.



PS: on S/4 Hana the transfer works more selective.

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Thank you for the reply, Maximilian!

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