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Transactions KKEx / CKUC in S/4

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Hello CO experts,

we are evaluating our migration to S/4 1909 and I wonder what ideas are behind transactions KKEx are no longer available.
We use transaction CKUC, but it does not cover all functions we have in KKE2 (eg release/deletion flag).. Furthermore we have added additonal fields to the header. We user base planning objects, which are reused in a multilevel hierarchy of
other base planning objects. In the end we determine the costs of internal services this way.

In 1909 the KKEx transactions are no longer in the SAP standard menu (although executable by manual input) and the customizing in SPRO is also gone (customizing of eg table TCK40(t) is not possible).

When creating a new base planning object in CKUC the header image of KKE1 comes up, but later I see no possibilty to change it from CKUC. Point 1: You can enter a a base object group, but there are no means to maintain the underlying customizing table. Point 2: You can enter the data at creation time but you can not change later it later.

Looking at the simplification list 1909 I stumbled over point 12.1 S4TWL - Reference and Simulation Costing, where they say that the reference to base planning objects (type = B) is no longer supported. I had no problems in CKUC to reference another base planing object. A stand-alone base planning object would make no sense. It is intended to be used in other calculations.

My questions: Has anybody encoutered the same problems ? How did you solve them ? Is there any chance to influence the SAP development to correct this contradictory design ?

Any help is welcome. Thank you

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