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to know the SERC/3E update applied in system

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I was trying to find which services are being used in SAP system ie whether we used 3E/ SERC updates .As well need to know what is the latest quarter update applied in SAP system.

Please suggest

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first we need to specify the "service level you are using. 3E and SAP are providing different services in different packages.

I assume we talk about "legal content).

The legal content must be split up in these subcontents:

a.) new phrases => to check if new phrases are there you can check e.g. the relevant tables(not an easy taks as you should use SE16 or SQVI)

b.) new customizing => not very easy to check as you need to find the "transport"; i can not see any value to search for this "update"

c.) new data (the new data depends on the CAS number; we have three options: new data; changed data, deleted data), Overall: it is not easy to identify which change has happend per CAS number per update and there is not really a "value" to dig deepeer.

The content update is done on "LIST_SUB" level.

For both services: not all CAS numbers wil receive legal updates within a quarter. And the update is (in most cases) very different by CAS number.

Honestly. Not sure what you would like to get As long as you have the last content: be happy. (and don't worry).

More problems can come up if you have missed legal updates: this can be a nightmare


PS: check this blog:

You will find some discussions regarding "Content" providing and how to manage the process

E.g. lot of threads are discussing the topic as well.