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Tag id field in PM work order / Notification screen and reports

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Dear Experts,

I Need an advise on PM notification and Order screen enhancement. We're into a greenfield implementation, where the customer is well familiar with their TAG ids of equipment. We are creating internal running numbers for Equipment master.

Challenge is, while creating a notification or work order for an Equipment, customer remember the TAG ID of equipment (which also maintained in 'Tech Id no' field of SAP Equipment master under Equipment master 'structure' tab) very well and want to enter that only and don't want to select SAP Equipment number (internal number) by searching in F4 in Equipment field. Rather they need an additional field on the notification and order header screen to enter the Tag id directly. Once pressing 'Enter' system should look into the respective equipment master and fetch the respective SAP Equipment no and related Fun. Loc in the respective fields. Also this TAG id field must be available into standard Reports IW29 and IW39 also, so that they can drill the report with their familiar tag ids.

I didn't find any standard configuration setting, via which TAG ID field can be populated on notification and Order screen. Please help to find, how to achieve this? Any standard solution / work around can be done and if not how to achieve it via enhancement?

Please note, the requirement is to get this Tag id field in all Reports as well (mentioned above).

Anticipating quick reply..


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Try using UII (unique item identifier) field in work order.