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Hi Friends,

Can anyone share me with the list of transcation codes for the below objects and list of tables associated with these objects.

Objects list:



Dangerous Goods Classifications


Waste Codes



Dangerous Goods Master

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Dharmaraju,

Transaction Codes are as follows,

Specifications -->

CG02BD - Specification Workbench


  • CG02 - Substance Workbench

Dangerous Goods Master-->

DGP1 - Create Dangerous Goods Master Records

DGP2 - Change Dangerous Goods Master Records

DGP3 - Display Dangerous Goods Master Records

DGR1 - List Dangerous Goods Master Records

DGR4 - List Packing Requirements

DGR3 - List Packing Requirements (Old)

Phrases -->

CG12 - Edit Phrases

CG13 - Display Phrases

CG1B - Edit Phrase Sets

CG1C - Display Phrase Sets

CGAB - Edit Phrase Set-to-Attribute Assignments

CGAC - Display Phrase Set-to-Attribute Assignments


CBIH92 - Edit Agents

CBIH12 - Edit Risk Assessments

CBIH13 - Display Risk Assessments

CBIHM2 - Edit Measurement Projects

CBIHM3 - Display Measurement Projects

CBIH88 - Amount Determination

Waste Code"-->

See for waste Code , there is no as sunch seprate T Code. In Waste Disposer and Waste Generation, under Waste Approval Tab, Waste Code Button is there.


MMV1 - Packaging

I hope you will find this helpful.

If my answer is satisfactory, Please grant me the points.


Amol Joshi

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Suggested to use following link to get building blocks library.


select type of the industry as chemical and down load the BB from the library for q50, q51, q52 & q53 (may be find at bottom of the page).From this u will be able to get most of the related to EHS.