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SYSTEM user in SAP MFG returns error due missing permissions

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I hope someone can help us here. We have created a new technical user in SAP MFG because after implementing the SERVERCORE Component Security Correction from SAP Note 3252433 we saw errors and our Message Listener Transactions failed on incoming messages.

We followed the note 3318912 and created the user SYSTEM with only the Everyone role assigned, but now we are facing the following errors:

Transaction: SAPME_API/

Error: ACTION_FAILURE from findSetupState Reason: Authorization failed. Please see the security log for details.

Related user: SYSTEM

We have check the Security Log and found this:

Which means the user is lacking permissions, but we are unable to find any information related to this issue in the KBA. Should we modify this technical user? Could someone illuminate us here?

Thanks in advance!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Isa!

The Notes mentioned by you are not related directly to accessing SAP ME PAPI. And to get such access, you need SAP ME roles which are mentioned in the error messages. For more details on such roles, please check SAP ME Security Guide.

So, the bottom line is that yes, you need to assign those roles to the user which is uses for calling ME PAPI.



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It has worked. But another error arises when you set the roles SAP_ME_INTEGRATOR and SAP_ME_USER.

We have solved it setting the user SYSTEM under the group SYSTEM in ME.

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