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SVT Scenario Production // Goods movements

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Dear all

I have never received helpful answers in context of:

And now a new SVT issue is there. May be now somebody might be able to help.

Questions is like:

We receive lot of feedback from the users in relation to scenario "production" in SVT. Based on some new findings now the "issue" can be described better.

Let us imagine this situation:

In reference to a production order a goods movement is done (stock is increased); let us assume now: the material should be "produced" (based on BOM)

Now we can see that SVT does have issues if there are "correction" bookings done in reference to the material to be produced.

According to the current findings there are two situations to check

1.) for material the "goods movements" are done on the same date ! (including the correction bookings) => in this case the process seems to work

2.) and the goods movements are done on two different dates => here we can see defects

It seems to be that the process can not handle the situation 2.) properly. I checked SAP marektplace and i found no helpfull OSS note.

Question one: can you see as well "ghost" SVT tracking? (to much is tracked)?

Question two: is this happening only in scenario "production" or as well in "repetative manufacturing)?

Any feedback can help here... as we can see now lot of SVT tracking defects in "repetative manufacturing"


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