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SVT: limits not visible in CBRC20 (wrong color of light)

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we are running a pilot project for SVT. It's working quite nicely but we do have an issue regarding the color lights in CBRC20. We see red colors although we have maintained a tonnage band in the property tree and the tonnage band is also shown in table CCRCT_EHS_SLIMIT (the Value is 3, which means 10 to 100 tons). The collected quantity for the test substance is 22.4 tons but the light in CBRC20 is red and in field AMOUNT_LIMIT it shows 1 to.

Why is the system showing the wrong value (1 to instead of 100 to) and why is the light red? Do you have any idea?

Kind regards, Michael

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Micheal

Check the Quantity Limits in customization.

Go to SPRO ..EHS..SVT.." Specify Quantity Limits and reactions on overall status" .... Select the Threshold whatever you maintained and go to "Relative Quantity Limit value for that threshold and check how much percentage you mentioned. Refer below screen shot , if you reach 70% of consumption you will get Information (Green Bulb) and ,,if it is 90% of consumption you will get yellow bulb , if it is 100% of consumption you will get red bulb


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Hi Balajee,

these limits are all ok (same as on your screenshot). The system also shows threshold 3 in the CCRCT_EHS_SLIMIT table:

So I guess there must be another reson why the Qty Limit and Thr.Value are 1.0000 and why the bulb is red in the lower screen...

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Dear Mark

you said that you are maintained relative limits in customization . I observed that in your table Relative Limits are not tracking for the threshold value 3. (Pl refer my screen shot)

Alerts will be triggered based on these relative limits . these can be maintained in 2 ways , in first .. we can maintain this at substance level of class SAP_EHS_1026_001 , characteristic SAP_EHS_1026_001_REL_LIMIT.

During running of substance data fill programme in to SVT table , system initially check at class in the property tree level, incase no data found it will take from customization.

Even if we see your tracking log.. it showing that threshold value 1 instead of 3.


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Dear Michael

welcome in the world of "Substance Volume Tracking". The table CCRCC_EHS_SLIMIT does have a "special" use in SVT. Shortly:

a.) if you registered e.g. CAS 50-00-0 for pompany "Exxon" in > 100 t/a you maintained this data according to SAP EHS SVT standard model in property: "Registration (company-specific) "

b.) then you apply some general threshold limits for "warnings" etc. (50% of a value) in the customizing

Now if the substance is aggregated per company code in such a way that 50% of 100 T/a is exceeded you get a warning etc. (online checks etc.) if you have prepared a proper set up.

Now by using property "Specific Quantity Limits (SVT)" you  "overwrite" these general threshold limits and system reactions. E.g. you can specify that regarding 50-00-0 you would like to get the warning not with 50% but with 40% etc.

As we are not using CCRCC_EHS_SLIMIT as you are doing it, so I can provide you only the feedback that the "trafic" light should be "calculated" by using at least the  data in CCRC_EHS_REG and the "general limits" and based on the amount aggregated.. Please check if you have entries for the same specification in CCRCC_EHS_REG and check your general SVT customizing regarding the "general" warning limits (as well you should check general customzing so that CCRCC_EHS_REG would be populated properly).

So in most cases according to my experience there is no need to maintain data in "Specific Quantity Limits (SVT)"  to use SVT properly

May be execute a cross read in: ; might help.


PS: may be check SAP online help as:

Classes, Value Assignment Types, and Characteristics for SVT - Product Safety (EHS-SAF) - SAP Librar...

Data Transfer from Property Tree - Product Safety (EHS-SAF) - SAP Library

Quantity Limits - Product Safety (EHS-SAF) - SAP Library

PPS: on CBRC20 you can display two types of "Status": The "Over all status" for tracked substance and the specific status for matweeriL; specification, tracked substance relation. In your screen only the overall status is shown. May be check your used layout; In most cases to have both status displayed is better

And last but not least: which SAP release do you use (indicate at least support pack and major SAP release) ? Do you use SAP Standard or did you adapted CBRc20 (you can "modifiy" if needed the "trafic" light display)? Any activation of Enhancements doen as part of "buisiness functions"?

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Hi Christoph,

now it works nicely. Excellent explanation. Perfect. Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,Michael

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