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Substance Volume Tracking - Basic questions for better understanding

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Hi Experts: I am in the process of preparing a POC on Substance Volume Tracking to meet some of the controlled substance monitoring requirements for my client. I have worked in most SAP logistics modules and my current focus is EHS (last 5 years). I DO NOT have any hands on experience on SVT. I have gone through the help contents and all available SAP notes & documentations from market place. As per SAP recommendation, I have also pulled all the standard configuration from ‘000’ client via adjustment (In Sandbox system for POC). We are ECC 6.0 and EHP6 and SP10 and all business functions are activated relevant for EHS I have below understanding and few doubts and I request your expert advice and guidance --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Basic master data model I believe we have the standard set-up which SAP recommends where materials are assigned to only 1 Real substance (n:1) and real substances will have compositions of one or more compositions (PURE Substances) Example for Mixture Mixture ‘A’ = Material ‘1000’ = Real Substance ‘A’ Micture ‘A’ is made up of compositions ‘X’ & ‘Y’ which are defined as PURE Substances ‘X’ & ‘Y’ Composition is, 25% PURE ‘X’ + 75% PURE ‘Y’= REAL ‘A’ The substance to be tracked (in our case it is defined as controlled substance) is PURE ‘X’ and target quantity is defined 2 TON at PURE SUB ‘X’ level under SAP_EHS_1023_057 - Registration (Company Specific)) The reactions are set as standard i.e. 70% - warning/information, 90% - warning & email, 100% - warning, email and block Now when I order for scenarios, please review my understanding is correct When I order Material ‘1000’ for a quantity for 8 TON it reaches the target quantity set 100% and order is blocked along with warning/email (8 TON * 25% = 2 TON set at PURE Sub ‘X’ level) When Material ‘1000’ is ordered for a quantity for 7.5 TON – system send an Email along with warning/information as it has crossed 90% (7.5 TON * 25% = 1.875 TON which is 93.75%) When Material ‘1000’ is ordered for a quantity for 6 TON – system gives a warning/information as it has crossed 70% (6 TON * 25% = 1.5 TON which is 75%) Please confirm my understanding and definition of target quantities set at PURE Substance level. Do we, at any point define target quantities at REAL Substance level? I believe even for 100% PURE for a REAL Substance, we still define this at PURE Sub composition which 100% for the Real – Please confirm. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Usage of SAP_EHS_1023_057 - Registration (Company Specific) v/s SAP_EHS_1026_001 - Specific Quantity Limits (SVT) I plan to set global target quantities at configuration/IMG level and define target quanities for most Substances at Substance level. When I reviewed different documents,, Notes etc. sometimes it suggests using SAP_EHS_1023_057 but I have also read maintaining this at SAP_EHS_1026_001 level. Please help me understand this concept. Is there a prioritization set if target quanities are maintained at both places? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Document Blocking SAP says that the order is blocked after online checks (comparing the offline data which was updated last night) if it exceeds the quanitity set. I hope the total quantity it considers is all planned quantity PLUS confirmed quantities – Please confirm What if we Goods issue some significant quantities after the document is blocked – Would system update this in offline table after nightly batch job and allow to proceed with Order unblocking the following day without PURE Substance quantity increase? Would the reactions (Information/warning, Email, Blocking) gets repeated during Goods receipt? (Process order GR and Purchase order GR) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Archiving To be frank, I could not get a complete picture on Archiving concept after reading several documentations Based on my understanding, when we run the archiving job, the offline tracking table is copied over to respective classifications under SAP_EHS_1026_002, SAP_EHS_1026_003, SAP_EHS_1026_004, SAP_EHS_1026_005 for the respective PURE Substances based on the period selection (mostly yearly) – Please confirm. And what happens to the table entries from offline tracking table – gets removed by this or still exists? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beyond REACH As mentioned, I am planning to use SVT for the client’s requirement on some controlled substance monitoring and tracking and has nothing to do with REACH and TSCA*. I want to recognize some selected materials (say using SAP_EHS_SVT class usage) and then utilize all SVT features like tracking, monitoring and blocking etc – Do you think I need to do some extra settings or configuration or user exits so that there will be no limitations with REACH, TSCA etc. Basically I want to use SVT independent of regulations but specific to Plant and Country level. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SVT Monitor and visibility This is related to the previous section How far the visibility is possible with SVT monitoring and tracking. Is it at Site/Plant level or Country level consolidation/aggregation is also possible? How do we achieve this?....via Validity area?.....I have validity area defined for all countries. Do I need to fill in validity area at regulation level (like REACH). Currently they are kept blank. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Appreciate if you can throw some light on all or some of the above. Thank you in advance Siva

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in context of paragraph:

" Basic master data model": this is the normal SVT scenario used. Only one slight "difference". Sometimes companies handle registration topics not on PURE_SUB but on LIST_SUB level. But SAP standard can handle this difference

In context of paragraph: "Usage of SAP_EHS_1023_057"

SAP_EHS_1026_001 is not used often (I would assume): Use is only needed if you would like to get "earlier" warnings etc. in comparison to the "general limits"

SO: . Is there a prioritization set if target quanities are maintained at both places?

Yes there is a priorizationlogic used. If spec does have "lower" limit in SAP_EHS_1026_001 in comparison to SAP_EHS_1023_057 then SVT reacts "earlier" based on data.

IN context of paragraph."Beyond REACH As mentioned"

You need a different regulation and the complete SVT set up. Then you can support the business case. " controlled substance monitoring and tracking"

IN context of paragraph :#VT Monitor and visibility This is related to the previous section How far the visibility is possible with SVT monitoring and tracking. Is it at Site/Plant level or Country level consolidation/aggregation is also possible?

Not sure about your question. Any trackingis always done on plant/company level (high level picture). And plants belongs to countries.

Your term "consolidation/aggregation" might be "misleading". If you use CBRC20 you can use the functionality there to "aggregate" per "plant" without a problem. BUt there is no standard functionality implemented to support "reacts" on plant level. This is done on company level.

BUt may be I misinterpret your topic