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standard composition rating

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I know that you can set a Rating / Validity area to a Standard composition, but is it practical to have more than one standard composition? I have a customer who has set a "REACH" rating to their standard compositions, and nothing PUBLIC.

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generally in moste cases there is the need to have more than one composition. The reason is "simple" and "complex" at the same time.

Basically you need first top define "which types of composition" do i need to support my EH&S business?

Answer (e.g.): The Composition is one of the main infomations to e.g. classify a product according to GHS etc. Further on you can use the composition to fulfill further demands (WHMIS etc. etc.). Now If you read carefully the corresponding different legislations you will realize that the same "chemistry" must get a different composition per legal requirement. Your REACH example is a good one.

If you think about REACh in the sense: prepare a composition which should be used in EH&S SVT: than at the end of your discussion you will realize that you need not to mention the "polymer" but the "monomers". => first composition. Than if you do the same regarding TSCA etc. you will realize that you can 2ignore" impurities (to a certaimnextent) therefore you need a further composition etc. etc.

The "term" standard composition is only the title of the property not more. In the mean time SAP is providing more an more "properties" to take care regarding these issues. One property is called "Legal composiiton".

So at the end: it is the task of an EH&S implementation project to define:

- which compositions are needed to support my business needs (as well as may be logistiv processes)

- and which property should be used

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