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Specification - Two Change Numbers are assigned to a single specification - Overlay changes

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For a single specifications there are two change numbers ( A & B) assigned, when the change number A is released followed by the release of Change Number B, Change Number B overlays data entered by Change Number A. I need to understand why? What can be done to prevent this issue?

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the use of "Change numbers" should be done only if you are "super expert" in EHS and does have at least 5 years experience in using EHS

Any how: Normally the story is like this:

  • You define the change number
  • and then you apply it

(this is not 100% in sync to your explanation how you use the "change number approach)

if your set up is correct on high level the system reaction should be like:

a.) you have a specification prepared in CG02

b.) you have maintainted the color as "green" (WITH OUT Change number)

c.) On day X you apply the change number valid for day X+1; then you change the color to "yellow"

d.) if you use now the "key date" X you will get "green" (in CG02); but if you use key date "x+1" you will get "yellow" (in CG02)

EHS does do a so called "record split"; i have the feeling that your "changer number set up" is wrong or might be wrong. In EHS online help you will find examples of use of "Change numbers" (for specifications and phrases if i remember correct).

Here (in this FORUM) you will find may be roughly 10 threads discussing "change numbers"

The use of "Change numbers" is (according to practical experience) much to complex for the normal end user; only users having > 5 year EHS experience have an "idea" about how it works; but in combination with e.g. MSDS/SDS report handling: it is a "nightmare"

E.g. you can apply change numbers for:

1.) assignment of material numbers

2.) assignment of references

3.) assignment of inheritance

4.) maintenance of identfier

etc. etc.


PS: refer to this blog:

and may be this on line help:

Most important part should be explained here: