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Slow Executing of SELECT INTO

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I'm facing a problem when using a

SELECT (some colums) INTO new_table FROM old_table WHERE (time from and time to)

fixed query on Microsoft SQL in SAP MII workbench.

The problem is that the old_table assumes to be too big (60.000 rows) and the query in workbench takes 100 sec. I also tried to use a stored procedure call, but this takes also 100 sec. Strange thing is that when I call this same query on the sql server directly ( in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio) the query only takes 3sec.

Do you have an idea how to speed things up or why the query on workbench side takes so long cause I dont get anything back, I just want to create the table on sql server.

Thanks for help!

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Answers (1)

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Get a DBA to analyze the from table to see if there is an issue with Indexing. Same thing with the To table. I have occasionally run into slower performance from an external query against a database. Beyond that, you would probably have to share the query and the structure of the two tables.