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Single value property (Value Assignment Type) with Multiple Values characte

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My customer has a process where he receives graphic files from a vendor. He has a process where at saving time the data from the files gets populated in a Single Value class. Depending of the number of files, the multiple value characteristics get populated. Every vendors file contains date and time along with the graphic. The problem is that the graphics, date, and time get populated randomly in the property. Is that a normal behavior?

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Hello Luke

I did not catch your question. I do know the following options regarding "file handling" in EH&S:

a.) You can upload files in SAP EH&S as documents in user defined text in one data record of a value assignment (in a property)

b.) you can upload documents to get released reports in cg54

I am not sure about your "description" of your topic. Personally this would be my assmption of your process:

a.) per file etc. one data record in the value assignment (property) is created

b.) may be by using the charactertics you can store informaton like Date Time customer etc.

Now what exactly means "random" from your point of view? Can you please explain what your customer is doing or tries to achieve?

With best regards


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