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SHDO - input blockage after order release

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Dear Friends

I have a question about the tcode SHD0.

As much as we know we can create some variants in this tcode so can block some fields for specific users so they cant make any inputs. And I successfully could do it. I was able to block operations field in PM Work Orders (tcode IW32) so some chosen users cant make any inputs in that fields. But eventually I got another request from customer, which was asking me to block that fields only after Realising Work Order.

I mean, customers wants to be able to make inputs in operations field in Work Orders (iw32) till the order is realised. once the order is realised they want us to prevent any chances for some users to make any inputs.

I hope I could explain the main idea. I would really appreciate if you could guide me for this special request from customer.

Thanks in advance.

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