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Share an Existing MII Project

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Hi folks,

We've successfully integrated our MII systems with NWDI by following the official documents.

Now we are able to create or share an existing project into NWDI without any issues.

But when we try to import a shared project from another MII system (for ex. QA) using Source Control -> Import Project menu, an error message appears as shown below:
"Cannot create project; check log for error details Cannot create project com.domain.DCNAME; it already exists"

Note that we face this issue only if the project already exists in the target MII system.

Maybe a workaround would be to delete the existing local project first, but that would also delete the data, so we don't want to do it that way. MDOs are present in all 3 systems (DEV,QA,PROD) with different data.

Is there a way to replace the existing project with source control without deleting it first (QA, PROD)?

Thanks and Regards,

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