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Setup Online checks for Purchase order in SVT

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          So we have recently implemented Set Up Notification Check process for sales order and purchase order. For sales order the process is given by SAP in standard configuration and it works absolutely fine. For purchase order we implemented the piece of code in the purchase order exit wth the help of FM CBRC_EXIT_47_PUR. So we were able to implement the same for purchase order.

Now we use TCode CBRC21 to unblock the sales document. So we have status created in slaes order for line items and it works fine. But for purchase order if we have a process blocked due to regulation restriction then the purchase order goes on hold. When we try to unblock the document from CBRC21 it doesn't work. We get below error. Seems like unblocking of purchase order is not yet taken care of through CBRC21.

Cannot unlock document

Message no. CBRC_REGCHECK204


You are trying to unblock purchasing documents using Display Blocked

As the purchasing documents were blocked manually, the system cannot unblock
the document item automatically.


Unblock the purchasing document manually.

Can anybody please throw light on this and help me path forward. If we have anybody who has implemented Setup Online checks for Purchase order and also activated the funtionality of unblocking the purchase document then please help me with standard solution.



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Dear Rohan

may be check:


I am not sure regarding your "error" message. But you need to understand "overall" mechanism of SAP

E.g. in SAP MM and SAP SD there are (in most cases) "lot of customer" code active. May be there is a "parallel" mechanism implemented in your company regarding that the "PO" get on hold (but not because of SVT but different reason),.

I am sorry to say that this kind mechanism (use of CBRC_EXIT_47_PUR) is absolute customer specific implementation; therefore to provide "help" here is not easy (if really possible?)