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Sequencing Issue in SAP MII MDO

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Hi All,

We have scenario in MII where we are using SAP UI screen and storing data in MDO.

While inserting data in MDO we are checking the last inserted details to do increament of Box inserted by user but when two users insert at same time it is creating duplicate values in MDO So we are not able to get the exact count of box loaded by users.

Please suggest if anyone has faces this issue in their program and how we can achieve FIFO while inserting data in MDO.


Neha Yadav

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Hi Neha,

MII Queueing actions can be used to create a queue that an be used to control data input into the transaction that is doing the MDO inserts. There is no inherent method in MDO actions to prevent duplicate records inserts from separate threads of the same MII transaction being called by two different users.

Recommend you set up some test transactions using Queuing actions to understand how they work.

Regards, Steve

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