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Sending Command to Websocket over PCo

Hi Everyone,

For a customer, we are connecting to weighing scales using the Socket Source system of PCo. We then set up a Websocket server agent for it which we use to receive the data. This is working, but now we also want to send a command to that weighing scale using the standard Browser Websocket objects and functions.

Sendign a command using a PCo Tag Query works by using a 'CALL SEND'-function, but we need it to work directly over the websocket. I did find some documentation on writing a value over a websocket (by using a "STORE"-Json).


However this seems more for a tag based system like an OPC server. The weighing scale doesn't have 'tags' to write to, I would just need to send a string command to it and can not get it working with that STORE-Json, if I don't provide the TagNames, Alias, ... it goes into error saying it is missing that data, but I don't have those details. I tried using the Name & Source System in the Subscription item, but then it just states that the 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.'

TL;DR: Is it possible to send a command over a websocket PCo server directly, if it is not a tag based source system?

Thanks in advance & Kind Regards,


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