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Select first SFC in SFC POD

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I'm setting up an SFC POD to allow operators to scan a shop order and then work their way down the list of SFC's. The desired behavior is for the top SFC to be selected when loading and after every Start or Complete operation.

I've used the AUTO_SELECT rule in WORKLIST_DISPLAY to do this in Work Center and Operation PODs, but it doesn't seem to have the same effect in SFC PODs.

I also noticed that when I enter a shop order, it looks like the top SFC is selected, but the operation list reflects the quantities for the entire order rather than the top SFC.

Thanks for any insights.

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The expected behavior is as following.

In SFC POD, retrieve of a Shop Order should populate Work List with all SFCs (taking into account the Status selection from the List Maintenance) of the order, and select all displayed SFCs. So, AUTO_SELECT is ignored at this step. Then Operation List should display info regarding the entire selection from Work List.

If AUTO_SELECT for Operation List is enabled, then the system will try to resolve steps for the selected SFC. If the first step is identically resolved for all selected SFC, then the plugin should execute the selection of the first row, otherwise no auto-selection is done.

Info in Operation List should correspond to the selection in Work List but not to the content of POD Selection.

If some row (one SFC from the retrieved Shop Order) gets selected in Work List and processed into a state to disappear from the Work List, then Work List will execute AUTO_SELECT rule, that in turn should trigger update to Operation List.

If your observations differ from stated above, please submit a ticket.



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Thanks, Sergiy. There are a couple of things that don't seem to behave according to your description. I'll submit a ticket.