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SAR 312 and SARA 313

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We are on ERP- EHP6 version and having challenges with SARA 312 report modification. SAP advised that they no longer support SARA 312 and enhancement

Enhancement (EHSSARA) is not providing any options to fix current hardcoding issue and increase number of categories

Issue :

All our SARA hazard category definitions are made under 'SARA hazard category phrase set - SAP_EHS_1023_034_VALUE'. The standard report (CBIHSR01) picks up only top 5 phrases used under 'SARA hazard category phrase set - SAP_EHS_1023_034_VALUE'.

We are using ERD cloud solution with SAP and we are informed by SAP ERD team that there will be changes to the SARA Class rule set to determination of SARA 311/312 hazard categories.

The 5 categories have been replaced by all categories of the HCS.

So the question is how everyone is handling this issue to remove SAP hardcoding of top5 category and enable for all categories. We wanted to avoid complete custom development.

Also we have requirement for SAR313 so wanted to ask if it available/supported in EHSM.

Appreciate any guidance.



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Dear Naveen

SAP ERP will get only legal update.. Ressources are assigned to work on EHS/EHSM follower in S/4 HANA.

Coming back to: "SAP advised that they no longer support SARA 312 and enhancement" => this might indicate tht this is one of those area there SAP will not invest any money anymore. If they will invest in EHSM (Component Extension for SAP EHS Management): nobody can be sure; but i can not imagine that there wil bea version 7.0 before S/4 HAna will beup and running.

As we do not use EHSM: i can not judge. But in online SAP help you have some "SARA" components

So more or less

1.) go on with customer development

2.) ask SAP for advise/support (e.g. customer engangement etc.)

and may be ask other companies: what is your strategy now...

The next years will be really a challenge for all of use because S/4 HANA will get EHS solutions (whcih are now called different) and SAP ERP will be stopped (end of 2025 maintenance period will end)


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Dear Christoph,

Thanks for your response.

Did you come across SARA 313 report implementation in SAP. I did not find any document or refrence



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That "SARA" part is not easy handle. Some indications exists that partially SVT is used to "help" to get some data etc.

But i can not help further. Sorry

C. B.