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SAP variables technical names got updated automatically for OLAP query in MII

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In SAP MII we are using some OLAP queries to extract data from BI cubes. In the OLAP query some parameters are passed as SAP variables from MII, in these variables a few are standard SAP names and are shown the same name in BI BEx query and MII OLAP query template. The issue is that some of these variables are custom made for MII and the name shown in MII OLAP query template is different than shown in BI side (Ex: in pattern MII-- [!V000012]) but in BI it has some other defined name. When some unrelated change happened and BI cube got updated the said SAP variable names shown for MII got changed automatically, because of the last two digits are changing. But other standard variables are not changing. Now I wanted to understand how these naming is generated for SAP MII OLAP templates, how it is getting changed.

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