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SAP Plant Connectivity, OPC/UA, String tags with namespace



We need to integrate with a OPC/UA server, all the tags with type "String" have namespace "".

The browse feature of PCo don't let us to select the tags with type "String", the tags are grayout.

As workaround we write the "source system tag" manually:

Have you ever had this problem?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Read the doc please 😉

Adding a Tag Manually

Some source systems support adding subscription items manually. Adding tags manually allows you to enter the tag name directly without browsing. Adding tags manually is necessary if a data type is not supported, for example, for OPC UA applications. In this case the tags are not offered for selection when you are browsing. They are only displayed but cannot be adopted into the list and need to be added manually. (See also: Unsupported Data Types for OPC UA Applications.)

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