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SAP PCO server sizing

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Hi Experts,

we have to do server sizing for SAP PCO application as we are having more than (>10) weigh scales/Weighbridges that will be sending data to SAP PCO application.

we are referring the SAP PCO server sizing document provided by SAP, but we are not able to get clear cut understanding w.r.t. sizing of PCO.

We are having the below scenario:

Weighbridge/Weigh scale (10)--> SAP PCO (10 Agent in SAP PCO one to one mapping with WB/WS ) --> SAP MII

(Please note that all WB/WS will be connected via ethernet port (TCP/IP). And PCO will consume MII webservice to send the messages.

So can anyone please help us with SAP PCO sizing specification.

we have already considered below points:

· Only PCO application will be running on the server.

· Looking at the WB/WS count (>10) and also considering the future aspect of the server 16 GB RAM , 8 Core CPU , 1 TB hard disk based on the data volume/debugging/storage coming to SAP PCO server.

Please let us know if that would suffice in production or any change required in the PCO server sizing specification.

Quick help is appreciated.


Ankit Gupta


HI Ankit,

10 Agent Instances is a pretty light load for PCo. Have you reviewed the Performance and Sizing Guide for PCo available at This should provide all the reference you need to determine sizing requirements.

Regards, Steve

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