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SAP PCo 15-error occurred while fetching the pco agent list

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Hi Experts,

I m trying to get list of PCo agents in MII but I m getting below error:

C000828B86D681950000000600014644] Error occurred while fetching the PCo agent list; WSDL could not be found for URL http://localhost:50050/PCoManagement?wsdl

My MII version is 15.3 SP0 and PCo is 15.2.3.

PCo is installed on virtual machine on my laptop. I also tried connecting by directly installing PCo on my laptop instead PCo.

I tried adding server name in MII System Management -> System Properties -> Proxy Configuration->Bypass list. But no luck.

Can you please guide me for resolving issue?



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Hello Neha,

I have got the same problem. Did you find a solution for it?


Hi Emre,

MII PCoConnector Data Server has to connect to the PCo instance using either a Fully Qualified Domain Name or IP Address of the server or PC where PCo is installed and running. You cannot use localhost as the name unless PCo is installed on the same Server OS as MII.

Regards, Steve

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Is the WSDL remotely available?

I don't have access to PCo right now, but from my mind I think it's in the PCo menu tools>options. And there is a symbol that looks like a globe. I think that enables the wsdl to be remotely accessible.