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SAP MII SSCE Performance

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have anyone Idea , why is the performance of my Dashboards is very slow in SAP MII SSCE.

i have 4 blocks , every block call a Xacute Query

when i run my dashboard it takes more als 15 sec until the data loaded from the Xacute Query.

how i can make the performance faster ?

best regards


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What is the amount of records being retrieved by each Xacute Txn? What kind of data are your retrieving? What version of MII are you running? What do the logs say?

Each of the Xacute transactions needs to be tested separately to see which one(s) are running slowly. Might be a good idea to turn off each txn in the Dashboard sequentially to see which one is causing the delays. Then provide screenshots of the deficient txn (underlying the Xacute txn) and perhaps someone can provide some suggestions on improvements.

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my Xacute Query retrieved at least 5 records and there are 2 Xacute Query retrieved more als 100 records . the type of data are as XML retrieving.

version of MII 15.1 SP6 Patch.

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Your posts do not provide enough information for anyone to be able to help you in the context of this forum. Even if you cannot solve the issue, you need to be able to determine exactly where and/or what is causing the undesired impact on performance. You then need to provide the forum enough technical or functional information for us to be able to help. This is a basic skill that any developer working on any platform should have. Everyone needs help sometimes. It is a good habit when asking for help to understand as much as possible about the issue you are having and also be prepared to explain it in as much detail as possible and also explain all the steps you took to try to solve it on your own before engaging others.


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i have a dashboard and it contains 4 i5Charts, for each i5Chart has a Xacute Query, Transaction and SQLQuery . i am calling the i5Charts into SAP SSCE and it works but the proplem ist with performacne for this dashboard. when i run it sometimes there is delay until the all i5Charts to be complete somtimes takes more as 15 sec until the all i5Chart to working .



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