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SAP MII How insert data to MDO throught illuminator

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Hi Everyone,

I am trying pass arguments to my MDO throught illuminator. I create link like this:

When I execute this link I recieve message in my browser that "Command Query Successful". After this when I check MDO in workbench I can see that It looks like this:

Why I can't see my values? Do I need to change anything in permissions?

Is there any different option to dynamically push data to MDO?

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Ok, I got it, but what if I have table like this:
Col 1                   Col2
Value1              Value5
Value2              Value6
Value3              Value7
Value4              Value8

And I would like to update value3 in Col1 to different value. Is it even possible throught illuminator service?

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That is possible, all you have to do is add only the attributes you want to update and the update condition in the query as below


for e.g., here i have only add 3 columns to get updated and the value will be updated based on the condition provided such as empid= param.1. and the update column values as param.2/3/4.

once your query is working fine here(from the workbench. test providing values in parameters tab, execute and see if the values are getting updated as expected or not.). then using the illuminator services, create a url and execute the url as below:

http://<server>:<port>/XMII/Illuminator?QueryTemplate=<your query path>&Param.1=<empid>&Param.2=<salary>&Param.3=<Designation>&Param.4=<Location>


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Hi Rafi,

You can also refer to this video, which might answer your questions: 

this video clearly explains the MDO object creation, MDO query creation, consume the queries using url & parameters via illuminator services.

Thank You!