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SAP MII 15.0 Send e-mail with attachment

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in the past I used MII 12.2 SendMail action

I used it with:

- AttachmentContent (a generic string, like "My attachment text")

- AttachmetFile (a generica file name, like "A.TXT")

and the result was an e-mail with an attachment called A.TXT and inside the string "My attachment text"

Now with MII 15.0 I get an error

[ERROR] [Send_Mail_0]Unable to send mail Exception: [Access to the attachment /A.txt is not allowed]

Do you see anything wrong in my way to use the attachment?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Fabio,

include the action XMII_Workbench_Content in the Role SAP_XMII_User or in an other

Role. Logout and Login again and it will work.



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