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Hello to all.

We have built a small assembly working line with 10 stations over a single tape conveyor.

We make a serialized product (every piece has own serial number that identifies it), and we control the WIP step by step.

When each station has completed its operation, it sends to Sap ME the completion command for the active operation via webservice; when the first station completes its job, it checks if all the others have completed their operation; if so, then it moves the tape conveyor one step forward, and after it asks ME to start the operation for the SFC queued at every station.

When the conveyor is positioned, each station asks ME what operation has to control.

Sometimes ME replies that there is no active SFC, even though the first station has started the SFC that before was queued to the station.

So we had to introduce some delay, 1-2 seconds, to be sure that ME answers with SFC number and the operation that has to be done.

In brief, ME responds to the station that the every SFC has been activated to every station, but sometimes it responds to the station that there is no active SFC.

The station reports to ME via wbeservice, which calls an MII application, which in turn use ME PAPI to complete/start the operation for the SFC active / queued,.

So it becomes mandatory the question: is the PAPI's execution asynchronous versus the request?

Thank you.

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