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SAP ME Core logic view

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Hi SAP community!

My questions is maybe stupid, but I hope it has simple answer.

Is there a way to take a look on the standard core functions of SAP ME? I received a task to create a webservice that provides some data and part of the function is pretty similar to standard logic that user can do in POD. I would like to take a look how such logic is implemented, not inventing a wheel.

So to be more specific. There is a function in POD - Operation touch to see work instructions - user clicks the button "work instructions" and the POD provides the list of relevant work instructions. There needs to be a logic that gets the inputs (I assume operation and SFC) and looks for the relevant Work instructions (so I assume java code is triggered and some SQL statement will be triggered from it).

All I could find are interfaces for and request and result DTOs. But none of these has a logic to "findAllRelevantWorkInstructions", just to get some specific work instruction by name (or ref). I would like to see how the POD gets the list, there needs to be some logic somewhere, right? I was trying to search over the DCs in NWDS, but it seems I can't locate the correct one.


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Find a SAP Note of MFG-ME* component that describes how to activate Business Service Execution Interceptor log, and SQL Trace. Turn it on. Then relicate the needed action in GUI of SAP ME. Then the log will capture all PAPI calls executed during this action. Then you can try to find respective PAPI Webservices in NWA and to play with them.